Tianna Henry-Lewis

I am an iOS Developer located in Toronto, Canada with 2+ years experience developing, testing, and publishing apps on the App Store. I feel the best way to learn is to do, so feel free to take a look at some the apps I have launched.

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Pomodoro Focus Timer

A timer app that for practitioners of the Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro Focus Timer has a minimal design to keep distractions away. It is an effective tool to retain motivation and focus.

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Capstone project for Udacity iOS Nanodegree. Barkeep works with an API to pull a library of cocktail drinks where users can view drink ingredients and instructions and save their favourites.


Writing and maintaining applications in Swift with XCode.


Networking using REST APIs and parsing JSON repsonse data.

User Interface

AutoLayout using Storyboards and Programatically.


Experienced with versioning tools Git and GitHub.

Design Software

Creating UI designs and mockups using Sketch and Affinity Designer.


Building and working with Backend and Storage solutions.

Contact Me

If you want to talk about your projects, my projects or anything, feel free to contact. We can also have a friendly chat on any of my social platforms, or you can just drop a mail. I'm usually open to have tech discussion or coffee on weekends.